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Guadalupe Stories: Abby Moore

Guadalupe Stories: Abby Moore
“Our Lady of Guadalupe came into my life as another cool saint. St. Guadalupe! Little did I know at the time that it was Mary wanting to be my mom. She was drawing me to her and most importantly, to her son. When I first saw her in the Basilica in Mexico, I was filled with peace and joy. Finally, I was there in her presence. I knew she had led me to Mexico City for a purpose. She wanted an actual relationship with me. I know now that she was preparing me for one of the hardest times in my life where she knew that I would need her most. She didn’t let me down. In that hard time, I knew that I could lean on her because I finally knew who she was. Our Lady of Guadalupe has impacted my life in many ways, which I will forever be grateful for. She is longing for a relationship with you in which she can further lead you to her son. Let her come into your life!”

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